Romantic Valentines Day Table Setting

Wondering what to serve this Valentine’s Day? Whether it is breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner –  here are some dos and don’ts to make sure your date is a sophisticated success.


Do your research.

Take the time to know your date’s likes and dislikes and tailor your recipes to their tastes. Making oysters may sound romantic but if your date is not a fan and is trying to be polite it can add an awkwardness to the meal.


Don’t make it messy, spicy or garlicky.

Slurping isn’t sexy – so don’t make anything too messy to eat. Neither is having something like bits of spinach caught between the teeth. We recommend staying away from highly sticky ingredients.

Stay clear of anything really spicy, a red face and running nose is a difficult look to pull off.

Probably best to go easy on the garlic and onions – when it comes to breath, less is definitely more.


Do end on a sweet note.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without something sweet for your sweetheart. End your meal with a light dessert that won’t leave you feeling too full, so you can enjoy the rest of the date without feeling like you need to take a nap.


Don’t panic or over think it.

Even if you’ve left things for the last minute, there are many simple dishes you can make to earn some romance points. Remember KISS (keep it simple…)

Your Valentine is not expecting a Michelin-starred chef. Sticking to a dish you know can save a lot of stress and allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more with your date.


Finally…do have fun.

You can dish up a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese and still win your loved one’s heart, the main thing is to relax and enjoy.


ROMANCE (ro·mance)

  1. A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
  2. A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.